Sol Driven Train

Combining a wide variety of American pop and folk music into their own brass-kickin’ roots rock sound, Sol Driven Train has carved out a unique musical identity. Their sound is soulful and rich like Southern food, and like the 6-piece band’s hometown of Charleston, SC, their music is warm, approachable, rooted in history, and as diverse as you’d expect from a port city with historical ties to the Caribbean Sea, West Africa, and Old Europe. The band members also share a deep musical history together that can be traced back to the middle school band room, where founding members Ward Buckheister (trombone, guitar, vocals), Russell Clarke (saxophone, vocals), and Joel Timmons (guitar, vocals) first jammed together. Their tight vocal harmonies and conversational horn lines reveal a musical rapport that has spanned decades. The band’s youngest member, Ross Bogan, nimbly ties the SDT sound together with swirly organ and jazzy piano sparkling across the rock-soul orchestra. The rock solid drumming of Wes Powers and the fluid syncopations of bassist Matt Thompson lay a rhythmic foundation that gets the crowd dancing. When Sol DrivenTrain takes the stage, there is a palpable sense of brotherhood, mutual support, and creative independence.
Stylistically the band “seamlessly mixes Allmanesque Southern rock, languid world-beat, swampy funk and downright catchy melodies as they swap lead singers and instruments. A punchy horn section adds an extra dimension of sweaty soul to the genre-blurring jam party” (Atlanta Creative Loafing).
Admission is $20 per person in advance, $25 at the door and seating is limited. The performance starts at 7 PM. The doors open at 5 PM with a limited menu available prior to the concert and beverages and desserts served throughout the evening. Reservations can be made using the link above or by calling the Purple Onion Café at 828-749-1179